Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fundraiser in Galveston

Lampson's in the groove...

Galveston County Democrats put on a top notch fundraiser last weekend featuring Nick Lampson and District 14 candidate Shane Sklar. Held at the Moody Garden's Hotel (Hightower noted they were probably spinning in their graves), nearly 500 Democrats took one for the team and dined on rubbery chicken so that Nick and Shane can put a few thousand glossy mailers in the homes of swing voters.

We saw more refinement of Lampson's stump speech, along with a little impromptu riffing on the day's Abramoff headlines.

AG candidate David VanOs

David VanOs provided the leftist viewpoint, delivering an impassioned critique of the Conservative brand of justice. He rattled the tables and essentially called for Alberto Gonzales's head on a platter.

Shane Sklar

Shane Sklar is running in the 14th, taking on the infamous Ron Paul (Dr. No). Shane is the head of the Cattlemen's Association, and if elected, would be the only House member who makes his living off of agricultural production. Though young, Shane is well connected and highly charismatic. Expect him to give Paul a tough race, and a possible upset.

Left to Right: County Treasurer candidate Neta Sane, Congressman Al
Green, JP Candidate Farhan Shamsi, and Fort Bend Democrats President
Tony Crabbs

Fort Bend Democrats sponsored a table for the event, and a large contingent of our local candidates represented us well. In Fort Bend County, we have 11 candidates running in downballot races, 8 of which are contested. This is by far the most Democratic activity this area has seen in my political lifetime. It is also the most diverse ticket in county history: 3 White males, 3 African-American males, 2 Hispanic females, 1 Hispanic male, 1 Pakistani male, 1 Indian female. We can proud our ticket actually looks like the county.


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