Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Lampson Announcement

Lampson giving his prepared remarks

Nick Lampson formally announced his run for CD22 in Clear Lake on January 4th, in an event put together by Bay Area New Democrats and Fort Bend Democrats, and I was lucky enough to be there with my digital camera. It was an impressive event with a large amount of supporters from all over the district. I think even Nick was a bit surprised by the turnout. It's great to see Democrats excited again.

Answering questions

Lampson gave a terrific stump speech, in which he covered issues close to his heart: Fiscal responsibility, a commitment to quality education, social secuirty, mobility, emergecy preparedness, and port security. Waxing metaphorical on his view of pragmatism, Lampson said he wasn't concerned with moving the district to the right or left, but moving it forward.

Lampson greeting supporters

And for the first time, Lampson was not shy in his harsh words for Tom DeLay. Waving a copy of the recent Washington Post article on Russian influence peddling, Lampson shamed DeLay for a career of corruption that has now spilled over into his charitable activities. He introduced a meme that will undoubtedly be a cornerstone of his campaign: "I make this promise to you: You will never have to be embarassed to have me as your Congressman."

News coverage of the event was fanastic, and I even found myself on the fuzzy end of a reporter's microphone. I was quoted extensively along with other members of FBD in an article in the Pasadena Citizen, which can also be found on I even got some hat tips in the democratic blogosphere, like this nod from Preemptive Karma.

Nick Lampson with JP Candidate Farhan Shamsi, District Clerk Candidate Veronica Torres,
and County Judge Candidate Prescott Small


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