Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Primary Night

Primary results didn't pack too many surprises. The strength of Bell's victory was a bit unexpected, but the night was otherwise predictable. On the local level, a promising young progressive lost to our incumbant state represenative, a conservative anti-choice Democrat who is also opposed to embryonic stem cell research.

Gordon Quan introduced Nick. As you may remember, he was considering running for this seat last summer. I wrote him at that time encouraging him to get into this race. Gordon is a family friend and an alumni of my law school. I've always liked his politics; he was a consistently progressive voice in Houston City Council. In the end, he decided Nick should the party's nominee for this district. Yet he is still very determined to vote Tom DeLay out of Congress. He assures my brother and me that his cadre of youthful volunteers will be on the streets in the east side of CD22 this fall.

Gordon tells the crowd why we're going to win.

Nick gave a terrific fire-bellied speech and had some excellent press converage. An unopposed candidate isn't normally granted air-time on primary night, but this race is an obvious exception. The Lampson staff and the volunteers of Fort Bend Democrats did a fantastic job setting up this event. This campagin is being run by some surperbly talented inviduals.

Lampson gives an interview to ABC 13

So, where do we stand?

1. Cambell and company proved unable to push DeLay into a run-off, but the good news is that among GOP primary voters, 40% voted for somebody other than Delay. This a group of voters who we would normally write off completely.

2. You can bet good money that Steve Stockman will enter the race as an indepedant, and he will be knocking on those doors.

3. Today, the Lampson campaign passed the $2 million mark. As of February 15th, the last FEC reporting date, DeLay was trailing Lampson by $122,000 in cash on hand.


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