Monday, March 20, 2006


You may have heard the sound-bite from DeLay:

"Liberal activists like Barbra Streisand, financier George Soros
and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi all have a dog in this
fight, and his name is Nick Lampson."

Be still my bleeding heart! Too bad it isn't true...I was hoping George Clooney would get a cabinet appoinment! Consider this: James Dobson and the John Birch Society have a dog in this fight too, but does that mean Tom DeLay is a dangerous extremist? On second thought, don't think too hard on that one.

Instead, let's take a look at Lampson's record.

Figures from

Not exactly the numbers of a wild-eyed pinko.
Or consider this laundy list of Lampson votes
that, given my status as a wacky leftist,
fall well short of liberal in my eyes:

As reported by

How about Nick on taxes? Well, it turns
out Nick has a moderate, fiscally responsible
record on tax issues. He consistently supports
tax relief for middle class families, farmers,
and small business, while voting against tax
breaks that the mega-rich lobby for, like capital
gains tax cuts. So when some GOP drone tells
you Nick is for higher taxes, show him his voting

And though I'm sure there will be glossy attack
mailers with pictures of dudes making out,
Lampson is defintely not a culture warrior:

That quote is a tough one for my fiance and me. We are 20-something militants. We were out there registering voters and trying to get the base out last November to defeat HJR6, the constitutional amendment that denies marriage rights to homosexuals.

We met Democrats who, in the comfort of private conversation, would freely express their strong opposition to the amendment, but would never dare to say so publicly. They would say things like "It's not the right time yet," or "We can't let them distract us from more important issues." We found them to be spineless, fair-weather friends to the cause.

But Nick Lampson is not one these Democrats. He honestly disagrees with us. While he has been constant in his desire to end discrimination and promote tolerance of ALL Americans, he has traditional Texas ideas about family. And these ideas are probably more in sync with the voters of CD22 than Tom DeLay's far-right puritanicalism.

I also feel like a bit of hypocrite, because I routinely criticize Barbara Ann Radnofsky for saying the same thing at one of our meetings. The only answer I can give you is that if we are going to lose, I would rather be running a liberal in that hopeless senate race, just so more important issues can enter the dialogue.

Plus, it's my job as a young liberal to poke and prod the moderates of the party. But unlike the GOP, our moderates don't give us the keys the candy-store when they come to office. Trust me, Nick Lampson will ignore me when I tell him to support Bono for Secretary of State.

Now don't let me scare you...Lampson is NOT Lieberman. He has a proven progressive voting record of supporting working families, defending labor rights, and fighting for equitable and transparent government. But to call him a lap-dog of the far-left borders on lunacy.


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