Tuesday, July 04, 2006

3rd of July with Nick Lampson, Neeta Sane, Veronica Torres and the Fort Bend Democrats

We came out in force for Stafford's parade with four vehicles and an army of supporters. Neeta Sane, Veronica Torres, Fort Bend Democrats and the Asian Americans for Lampson Committee joined Nick. Once again, I chipped in my jeep for the event. It was at last year's parade that I met Nick Lampson, and he was so impressed with my ability to traverse flat terrain at 5 miles per hour that he asked if I could do it again.

Veronica, Neeta and Deepak, putting their zero combined years of
meteorological experience to good use...

The weather remained a question mark right up until the end, but God must love Democrats and firemen. Conspicuously absent were any representatives of the Republican party.

Now, Stafford is Democrat territory, and has naturally always been friendly to Nick. The Lampson family is well known there - We met one elderly woman along the route who had been friends with Nick's uncle Tony Lampson.

But we were blown away with how enthusiatic the crowds were about all of our candidates. No matter where you are, some people will always be indifferent to politics. But those people must have stayed home on Monday. The energy was positively huge.

Mackenzie and her friend Nick

There is something shifting in the winds that all the precious data only hints at. You can cite trend lines or demographic changes, but nothing quite explains it like the ineffable change in mood among the voters we encounter. This county used to a GOP fortress, a 60% safety zone where any goof in a suit and a GOP nomination could count on straight ticket vote to spare him the tedium of a campaign.

Today, it is a genuine battleground. Mark my words, Fort Bend will be the site of some of the most interesting and competitive races of the next decade of Texas politics.


Anonymous Montag said...

Your ability "to traverse flat terrain at 5 miles per hour" reminds me of a Texas joke. A Texan brags that he can get in his truck in the morning and drive all day, and at dusk he'll still be on his own property!

The other fellow isn't impressed: "Yeah, I had a truck like that--got rid of it."

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