Monday, August 07, 2006

Precinct 1013 persuadables love Fort Bend Democrats!

This is what a swing precinct looks like:

1013 is literally a gold mine of swing voters. Only Needville rivals this area in terms of persuadabilty. I've been really looking forward to blockwalking this neighborhood.

Janie and I plot our route through the precinct.

Technology has changed the traditional blockwalk. In most precincts, there is very little walking involved. It is not a door-to-door operation. A great many voters are already ID'ed. We know how they vote and how often they vote.

There is no reason to knock on loyal Democrat doors in a walk like this. We call these homes "GOTV (Get Out the Vote) households." There is also no reason to contact loyal GOP voters. It's simply a waste of time. Anyone who has ever expressed strong GOP loyalty to a canvasser is knocked off our list, as well as those who consistently vote in the GOP primary.

So usually you are only knocking on 3 out of every 10 doors.

As if by Providence, the sun hid behind the clouds
for a few hours over South Rosenberg...

However, there is one feature of 1013 that makes it unique among Rosenberg precincts. It is one of the few precincts that contain a sizeable number of persuadable voters and a large sample of Hispanic voters who consistently vote in presidential elections but frequently skip mid-term voting. We add those names using voter history tracking in the VAN, and it bumps the contact rate up to 5 out of 10 houses.

The response was fantastic. The targeting system is dead-on: I only talked to one voter who identified himself as a solid Republican. I did encounter many, many voters who said something along the lines of "Well, I used to be a Republican, but ever since (insert straw on camel's back here), I just don't know..." We came armed with information and literature on all our candidates, and people were showing more interest in the issues that I've seen in the past.

Our group arrived back to a jammed pack office. Volunteers were everywhere. All of my Skype and Vonage lines were in use, all the scanners were beeping away, and the sign crews were loading up the 4x4's. The packed parking lot brought a lot of interested visitors, and the interested visitors brought checkbooks, which is good, because the phones aren't free. Oh wait, snap, half of them are! That means more money for superfly glossy mailers! Suck on that AT&T! Serves you right for handing over my phone records to the NSA!

And today I find out that next time I go out walking for the coordinated campaign, all of our candidates will finally have opponents.

I am drowning in good news.


Blogger Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Stunningly good news.

Do you ever worry, though, about stirring the turds -- err, Republican activists into action by posting this online?

3:16 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Republican what?

I think you may be under the mistaken impression that there is a GOP campaign apparatus in this area.

There are isolated campaigns that will each spend a few thousand dollars, but there is no coordinated campaign. For years, the primary has been the big show for the GOP. Any loser with a suit and a GOP nomination would win in November.

They will do what they do, and they will mobilize their base, but they do not scare me. And they are welcome to know what we are doing. I a big believer of transparent campaigns. I am not a marketer. I do not have secrets. I am not worried about tipping our hand. For instance, if they didn't know 1013 was a swing precinct, we're in better shape than I thought.

Am I worried about scaring / exciting their base? Not really. For one, their base does stupid things when excited, like attack 70 year old women. In addition, I have a feeling their base is feeling pretty deflated today...

3:29 PM  
Anonymous a good friend said...

Great post - really gets to the heart of what is effective campaigning!

3:46 PM  
Blogger muse said...

As an eyewitness to all of this activity, I can attest this is a true account! Saturday was a great day at HQ. Janie not only block walked, but when she arrived back at headquarters, she got right on the phone!

4:56 PM  
Blogger Fred said...

I like it!!

10:18 AM  
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