Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What To Do And Do It Right!

As you probably guessed by looking around at the page, I'm hip to graphic design. I'm no professional, but I know my way around photoshop. I've had a hand in some of the local Democrat literature that many of you will begin seeing in your mailbox soon. And a couple of weeks ago, I sat down with JP candidate Farhan Shamsi and crafted his nifty pushcard.

I thought our work would have to compete with incredibly professional campaign materials put together by big-shot Republican campaign consultants. Turns out the bar is quite a bit lower than that. I was recently shown this mailer which was used in the March primary by GOP lackey Bud Childers:

Whatever it is that Bud knows how to do, it's sure not grammar: He doesn't know what a sentence is, or how to form it right.

And I know he can't be referring to the practice of trial law considering he is a complete stranger to the inside of a courtroom and has never tried a case himself. But the man still wants to be your next County Court at Law Judge. Because he "knows what to do, and do it right."

I did not edit that pic in any way. Seriously - It was mailed out to thousands and thousands of households. And he probably paid someone a fair chunk of money to design and print that glossy embarrassment.

UPDATE: Ahhh, Juanita reminded me what Bud knows how to do: Hang signs in every illegal and inappropriate place he can think of...

Yes, that is nailed to a public utility pole and tacked into the trunk of tree. But wait, it gets so much better. How about covering up a community service sign that happens to be near a polling place? Yep. Bud knows what to do, and do it right. Juanita suggests reading the next one top to bottom:

OMG that is so freakin' sweet. I love local politics.


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