Saturday, October 14, 2006

George Lucas now working for Shelley Sekula Gibbs

That's right, George Lucas has completed his path to the dark side. The bearded one and his army of geeky computer animators have apparently joined the campaign of Shelley Sekula Sith.

You see, Shelley had a problem only Lucas could fix. When creating her website, her consultants asked her for a picture of some campaign volunteers looking excited and holding signs. They needed it for the section of her website for "Volunteer Opportunities."

But alas, no such photo existed! It seemed that no more than two to three Gibbs volunteers were ever in the same place at the same time. What do you do to create the impression of support where there is none? (Short of going to Kamino to buy a clone army, of course...)

George Lucas had the solution. He calls it CGI - Computer generated imagery:

Click it for a blow up and marvel at this cut and paste job. I love how the crowd looks like an angry group of protesting radicals, not supporters of a far-right conservative. But if you think that's bad, you should seen the original version George Lucas pitched:

Sure, the man made six of the top 20 grossing films of all time, but he doesn't the first thing about subtlety...


One other quick note: I ruffled a few feathers with my last post on Lampson's attack mailers. Quite a few readers emailed and let me know that Shelley started the mudslinging with a dishonest ad.

I know. I got it. On the death tax (aka Paris Hilton tax). And yes, it's a terribly dishonest ad too. It uses some appropriation and procedural votes to make it look like Lampson opposes ending the death tax - You know the drill, Lampson votes against a terrible bill that coincidentally includes an amendment with language on the death tax...Typical congressional race fare.

You can see his actual record on taxes here. The fact is that Lampson not only voted to repeal the death tax every time it came to the floor, but AUTHORED the "Death Tax Elimination Act." So yes, the Gibbs attack ad is completely dishonest trash. One of the small ironies is that Nick's actual record makes me less likely to support him. In fact, if Shelley were smart, she would've sent mailers to every Democrat household telling them Lampson supports tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy. At least then she wouldn't be a liar.

I'd really hate to imagine how nasty this campaign would be if it were actually competitive...


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