Monday, October 02, 2006

Incompetence, Thuggery, and Other Odds and Ends...

Albert Hollan tells voters why he is right choice for District Judge
while Brady Elliot waits patiently to confirm this.

First of all, Bryan checks in with a really good report of the local candidates forum that I missed. The good news is that the GOP is doing our job for us. Each of their candidates made sure to confirm everything in my popular Election Guide:

1. Judge Brady Elliot's speech outlined the fact that he is not Bar certified, not AV rated, and has been censured for the state bar for "failing to act in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary."

2. Bud Childers, candidate for County Court Judge, confirmed the fact that he has no trial experience. In his defense, he argues that the previous judge, Judge Wagenbach, was also a county attorney with no trial experience. This is only half true. Wagenbach was county attorney, but he had at least SOME experience in the courtroom. Regardless, it's a dumb argument - "I'm unqualified, but so was the last guy."

3. Annie Elliot, candidate for District Clerk, had some difficulty recalling what job she held previously, and claimed to have a bachelor's degree. Afterward, when asked where her degree was from, she said she did not remember, and that it was "somewhere in Tampico."

4. Jeff Council, candidate for County Treasurer, talked about how good he is at selling insurance. He bragged endlessly about the huge profits he reaped, but then changed his tune when he saw all the frowns in the crowd. Apparently, being an insurance profiteer does not go over as well with regular voters as it does as Chamber of Commerce luncheons. Finally, he managed to offend the rest of the crowd by claiming that "he knew how to handle the ladies in the County Treasurer's office." And yes, it's on tape.

5. Ken Cannata, candidate for JP, countered charges that he has no experience with juvenile justice by saying he has raised three children.


Second, I've gotten a lot of emails curious to know what I thought of this ugliness from last week, and if I had anything to say. Well, I think it's sad but sadly predictable.

GOP thugs are a tradition around here. In the past, they've left dead animals on doorsteps. They spray-painted "FAG" on John Kerry signs. In the spring, they were sent on orders "to wreck" a Lampson press conference, and wreck it they did, assaulting an elderly woman in the process.

I've seen a lot of passion in Democrat volunteers too. I guess we just have a different way of showing it.


Third, this ad buy is about the dumbest thing I've ever seen:

At least they don't have any real competition...They have actually been phone banking to voters with this message for a while now. Not Lampson's fiscal responsibility credentials. Not Lampson's campaign finance reform credentials. Nothing about the economy or corruption. Nope. Instead: "Nick is supported by TV's John Walsh!"

This whole strategy is ridiculous for so many reasons, primarily because it's a cowardly and foolish evasion away from the issues most on the mind of CD22 voters, but also:

  • First, who bases their vote on this issue?
  • Second, now Lampson is using the same celebrity endorser and campaign centerpiece as Mark Foley.
  • Third, ....oh nevermind, I don't even want to get started on this.

And just think of it...Instead of throwing away money on "the John Walsh strategy," those campaign resources could've gone towards identifying and exciting minority turnout by synergizing with some of these local party nominees. People like Rudy Velasquez and Neta Sane can engergize some voters more with one contact than Lampson could with six. And trust me, these people could care less about John Walsh.

And I just saw Bell's worthless new ad. Thank God for the local candidates, or I might truly go insane.


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