Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sekula Gibbs: View From 22 Reader

I'm getting tongue-tied from these Get out the Vote calls, so I thought I'd take a break and tell you a story...

So my brother traded some favors to get the sweet job of "Faijta Judge" at the Needville Harvest Fesitival this weekend. His fellow judges? Shelley Sekula Gibbs, Nick Lampson, John Zerwas, and Annie Elliot. Funniest moment - The whole affair is delayed because a woman near the entrance passed out from heat exhaustion. When informed of this, Dr. Zerwas spoke up: "Do they need Shelley and I to go help?" My brother's response: "No John, I think unless she's a got a sun-burn that requires sedation, the EMT's probably have it under control..."

Anyway, I found out that Shelley is a View From 22 reader. She briefly mistook my brother for me, and asked him if he was the blogger that wrote View From 22.

I always sorta figured she was a reader, but her confirmation made everything fall into place. Politicians love instant feedback, and it seems like Shelley may have reacted to the some of the stories on this website.

For instance, I recently highlighted the hysterical cut-and-paste job on Shelley's website to give her the appearence of supporters. Her web consultants found a picture of protesters, and then photoshoped Sekula Gibbs signs into their hands:

The next day, the picture and link were gone.

But perhaps more telling is the sudden change of the "Supporters" section on her website. You may remember that Shelley listed the "Grassroots Republican Leaders" who supported her campaign. Listed first was Greg Aydt, a GOP precinct chair and all-around angry hate-bag. Well, I recently wrote a story about Mr. Aydt and his insanely racist public rants, and I gotta figure that Shelley saw it:

Click for full size image

Look! Now Mr. Aydt is second on the list! So now the joke going around Democratic circles is that delivering public racist rants gets you demoted one slot in the Shelley Sekula Gibbs campaign...

Allright. Enough of that. Back to the phones. And if you need something to do to help Democrats this week, shoot me an email or call our office - 281-238-9006.


Blogger muse said...

So, if you are a pedophile, maybe that puts you at what? Three to five on the list?

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Brett said...

I just went to that guy's site and it's scary. He's not a stable person. He's moved his posts around so he can respond to you by calling you names. Typical Republican.

7:27 AM  
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