Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ugly Signs of the Time (Metaphorically and Otherwise)

First of all, read up on the disgusting signs paid for Fort Bend Commissioner Andy Meyers. They are simply unreal. Also, read his pathetic defense on the local news site. Pictured above is one of the least offensive versions. Meyers also bought some signs that said: "Encourage Terrorists - Vote Democrat."

While he claimed to be acting for the benefit of the local county-wide candidates, he has yet to properly explain what a county treasurer, a local judge, a district clerk, or a JP have to do with terrorism or border patrol.

And to show that his hate of civil conduct knows no bounds, signs were placed on T-posts bought and installed by Bob Smither. Bob's signs were ripped off the posts, thrown the ground, and replaced with these 4x8 hate signs:

Mr. Smither has already responded. He didn't waste time addressing Meyers, who is so low to the ground, snakes glide over him like ice. Instead, he wrote a letter to Shelley Sekula Gibbs, calling her to denounce the vandalism of his signs by her campaign activists.

Meyers, loathsome goon

It's hard to keep my cool in the face of this kind of inflamatory sickness. Mr. Meyer's attempt at civil discourse is toxic; he fouls my air simply by breathing. And Andy, if you're reading this, know that you and your buddy Hebert are next on the Had Enough Hit List.


Markum, self-righteous

Speaking of things that are foul, my friend Hal was recently mentioned on a blog run by a Republican consultant and activist in Galveston county named Onzelo Markum. This closed-minded Islamophobe cites one of Hal's recent posts as a reason not to vote for Democrats. His rationale? Nick Lampson greeted the crowd at South Asian political forum with the traditional greeting "God be with you" in Arabic. For this reason, he says "we can't afford to put Nick Lampson back in Congress."

Yes folks, it has gotten THAT bad.


And on the subject of rabid Islamophobia, I have some news on the Greg Aydt saga, the GOP elected official and Sekula Gibbs activist who routinely publishes hate speech. Many of you have written me expressing bewilderment at Mr. Aydt's hateful racist rants, and also mentioned how you wished that we could get these words in front of every Muslim voter.

Well, Farhan Shamsi, Muslim-American Democrat, community activist, and candidate for JP, decided to make it happen. I am proud to announce that this mailer is being sent to every registered Muslim voter in CD22. Farhan was deeply shaken by Mr. Aydt's rants. Feeling that the Democratic leaders have a duty to stand up and expose racism in our public officials, Farhan took action.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my good buddy Onzelo Markum. This guy lives in his own strange parallel right-wing universe. He's a part-time paid political consultant to local Republican candidates, including his own city hall boss - oh yes, he is also a full time police officer. No conflict there.

5:12 AM  
Blogger Hal said...

Onlenzo knows not what he does.

He makes our point and just so sweetly. Let the man talk, just let the man talk. His words of fear and hatred of brown-skinned people need to be broadcast to the farthest corner of the nation.

People are fed up with the politics of fear.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were I a professional psychotherapist, I think I might be writing the words "self-loathing" in my clinical notes about him. But he's already heard that.

5:47 AM  
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